Mandy’s Monthly Blog – October 2015

mandy_blogHello Everyone!

Wow….I’m late again in getting this blog done!  Maybe I should change it to Mandy’s quarterly!

My only excuse is traveling with 2 kiddos!   Since Taylor is 6 I don’t remember how much hard work a little one is and Kady is no exception!  She is a great baby and just goes with the flow of everything we do, but she’s not a great sleeper!  Taylor was a great helper all summer long and Kady adores her.  She is the only one who can make Kady belly laugh…it is so neat to see the way they interact with each other.   Since being home we are trying to get into a good schedule with homeschooling a first grader…I know Taylor is in 1st grade and it’s hard to believe that time has gone so fast.  She is a math whiz and is becoming a great little reader!  Taylor is especially excited for Halloween and has decided both kiddos will dress up as pumpkins since we will get to trick or treat at home this year.

Our family is finally home for the fall/winter after traveling off and on all summer long.  We mostly traveled with “The Sweets” all summer in our motorhomes and had a great time wherever we ended up.  All we made sure is that we had food for Brad’s BBQ and of course dessert!  We enjoyed all of our adventures and especially our trip to the west coast.  Idaho is still my favorite state but Washington ranks right up there too!  It is so beautiful there even if it did rain a lot of the time.  Chico was also great especially since our friends the Meyers Family made the trip up to see us.  We enjoyed hanging out with them and their family and wish they were still on the road with us!  The kids played great together and Taylor is still asking when she will see Presley again!

Racing well we have honestly been on a roller coaster ride all summer…one night we are good and the next night well not so good.  The boys have seemed to hit their stride the last month and we got the win at Antioch and seem to be landing on the podium much more often which makes everyone HAPPY!  It is so hard to believe that the season will be over in one month and only 5 races!  Let’s hope it’s a few more wins for the #9 team to complete the season!

Hope to see everyone before the season wraps up in November!

Chat Soon!