Mandy’s Monthly – October 2014

mandy_blogHello Everyone!  I am a slacker….I just looked the other day and realize I am behind in my monthly blogs…not by one month but by 3 months!  Sorry to everyone!

We continued our normal cruising down the road until after Knoxville and then Taylor and I headed home.  With the Canada and West Coast speed week we both stayed at home…west coast racing is hard. It makes for a very late night on the east coast listening to the races and watching Gold Cup.  Speaking of Gold Cup what a heartbreaker….Daryn got passed on the last lap last corner by Allard for the big victory.  Congrats to Allard on a great drive though! The west coast was still a success for the 9 team as they racked up their 13th win of the season.  It is such a blessing to be with such a great team!

In between the Canada swing and the Cali swing Daryn ran the midget at the Jason Leffler Memorial.  There were about 40 of the best midget drivers in the country there and Daryn was just happy to make the show.   Daryn, Hummel (with FK Indy) and Ray worked on the car all night and little did we know the car was perfect for the feature and Daryn did an awesome job of driving.  He started 8th and WON!!  I know how much Daryn gets out of the midget smiling after hot laps so I knew he was going to be excited.  After a few donuts he immediately climbed on top of the cage pumping his fists.  I was in shock I was just hoping to finish …in one piece and load it in the trailer and get ready for Chili Bowl.  I could see as the race progressed that his confidence in the car and himself grew he began driving the car harder and harder into each corner.   It was a great sight to see and for it to be the Jason Leffler Memorial sponsored by Great Clips was icing on the cake.  After talking with Daryn hours after the race he was still so excited and shocked to have won.  This win ranks right up there with one of the biggest of his career and that Leffler Memorial trophy is sitting right next to our King’s Royal trophy! It was a great night!

While Daryn and the boys were on the West Coast Taylor and I started her homeschooling program.  We have both enjoyed the program and she seems to be excelling in most subjects.  She is beginning to read by herself and really enjoys math.

After the West Coast swing the WOO races go back to weekends only which is great for family time as we can see Daryn all week and most weekends we can go in the motorhome.  The National Open was just completed last weekend and what a great event.  It is a fun weekend with the National Open Benefit hosted by Kolten (our crew guy) which raised over $30,000 for  several injured drivers funds.  It is a great effort that Kolten puts out all year to organize this great event and it is appreciated by all.  Thanks to all the Williams Grove fans for the support you give us every time we head into PA…we truly appreciate it!

It is hard to believe the 2014 season is winding down!  We have just a handful of races left (hopefully another win or 2)  but then we have Thanksgiving, Christmas, Chili Bowl and we start all over with the WOO in February!   Thanks to the fans across the country for all the support in 2014!

Chat Soon!