Mandy’s Monthly -May 2014

Hello Everyone!

mandy_blogIt has been so nice to be back at the track!   Everyone was anticipating the return of the WOO to Devil’s Bowl Speedway and it turned out to be a huge success!  Daryn raced at Devil’s Bowl when he was younger and I often went with my dad to the Mesquite, TX track so when it was announced the WOO would return we were both extremely pleased.  The crowd both nights was great and the autograph session of the “original Outlaws” was very cool to see.   The line was about an hour wait and you could see all the guys smiling and telling stories with the fans.  It was neat to see all of them return and be honored in front of a huge crowd.  The highlight for us was definitely Daryn winning on Saturday night!  It was a great race and we had a lot of family members with us so that made it even more special.  Taylor was excited to be back in victory lane and loved the cowboy hat!

The following week we hung out at Daryn’s parents because Salina is only an hour away from Daryn’s hometown of Owasso, OK.  The boys went to the SkyZone (an indoor trampoline park) and played dodgeball for an hour and a half…they were worn out!  It was fun to watch and man are they competitive!!!  The heat races at Salina were great and really racey, but the feature took rubber and the WOO cut the laps mid race from 30 to 25 and then to 24.  All the teams are given tire choices before the feature…our guys chose the hardest tire compound knowing it was going to take rubber and be hard on tires.  We chose the hardest compound because we did not want to take a chance at popping a tire, but since the laps were cut short we had tons of tire left.  Most of the other teams in front of us had on softer tires and they probably would not have made it the 30 laps, but that was their tire choice.  Anyway we raced 24 of the scheduled 30 laps and we walked away with a 7th place finish.

The following night was Pevely and what a great race that was…the track was in excellent condition.  There were multiple racing grooves in each corner and cars everywhere!   If you have not been to Pevely, MO you should definitely put it on your bucket list!

It is so nice to have the races close to home!  Eldora was last weekend and it was two chilly nights.  The weather made it hard to believe it was actually May…We had on winter coats!  The boys finished 2nd on Saturday night after a great battle with David Gravel.  Daryn was, of course, disappointed but it was another great race and I am very happy that David won.  He is a great guy and very deserving of this opportunity with the 83 and I wish him continued success!

The next couple races are close to home with Jacksonville, Wilmot, and Haubstadt coming up and then we head to PA Posse land!  It’s summertime except it doesn’t feel like it yet, but summertime means race time so that’s good!  Thanks for the support everyone!

Hope to see you at the track!