Mandy’s Monthly -April 2014

mandy_blogHello Everyone!

Well since we last spoke Daryn has been flying back and forth to the west coast and Cali each weekend.  It is hard to explain to Taylor that Daddy is going to the races, but we are staying at home.  We are both so use to being there all the time that these last few weeks have been tough on us.  It is so nice to listen on Dirtvision and especially when they have live video.  Thanks Dirtvision!

The boys got a WIN at Tulare, the first Cali stop!  It was so exciting watching it live on video…I could see the excitement on Daryn’s face.  Tulare is not his favorite place just because he has had a few big crashes there so to leave  with a WIN was huge for the team.  The boys have been consistent on the west coast and they have 3 more races  before they head back east….yeah!

We did drive to Oklahoma for Daryn to race his midget at Port City Raceway in Catoosa, OK.  He grew up racing there and wanted to go back to race in front of friends and family.  It was a neat little track and we basically had a “family reunion” with Danny – Daryn’s old crew chief growing up- turning wrenches and many friends attending the race.  Daryn did a great job after transferring through the B main….he finished 5th in the main. It was a racey little track and I hope we can go back and race there again! Daryn enjoyed racing the midget so much he’s been looking for more races this summer!

In the meantime we also celebrated Taylor’s 5th birthday!  How can we have a 5 year old…the time has gone so fast.  She had a party at the “jumpy house” and invited all her friends from preschool.  We had 11 kids bouncing around everywhere but everyone had a great time.

I am looking forward to the next few weeks with the WOO returning to Devil’s Bowl,  Salina, and Eldora.  Soon we will be mid-summer and on the road….I can’t wait!

Hope to see you at the track!

Chat Soon!