Mandy’s Monthly February 2014


Hello Everyone!


Well, the 2014 WOO race season has finally started!  We began our trek south a couple days after Daryn returned from Australia.  We first stopped at the shop in Charlotte for Daryn to put his seats in the cars and finish organizing his stuff for the 2014 season.   It was a bit crazy in the shop with the cars getting decaled, 3 teams making final preparations, and organizing the merchandise trailer.  We did however find time to watch the Super Bowl…many of the KKR boys are Seattle Seahawks fans and I am a Peyton Manning fan so it was on…although I must say congrats to the Seahawks!


After heading to Florida and watching it rain for 3 days the season opener at Ocala was washed out.  The teams passed the time by bowling and eating! Taylor enjoyed bowling and even got a couple of strikes and spares of which she celebrated by giving everyone high fives!  It was a fun night out although we all wanted to be racing.  I had to keep telling myself….its freezing and snowing in Indy don’t be mad because it’s raining!


We kicked off our season at Volusia with a test session on Tuesday , rain on Wednesday, the All Star race on Thursday, and the WOO races Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  The test session went well and we were fast right out of the box. Thanks to the boys for all of their hard work this winter!


Taylor really enjoys Volusia because Daryn takes her on the scooter to see the Gator in the “Gator Pond” everyday and she rides her bike around the motorhome lot.  For those of you that do not know there is a pond in the lower pit area at the track and there is a gator in the pond….its about 4 feet long and mainly sits by the weeds with his head above the water.  He has been there for years and Taylor enjoyed looking for him everyday…I think we found him 4 days.


The race results were definitely a solid start to the season and the last 2 WOO races were exceptional. Actually all of the races at Volusia were some of the best ones that I have ever seen at that track…it was a great track!   Daryn and Cody traded the lead several times on Saturday night and somehow Schatz snuck around both of them through the middle.  Sunday night was even better with Daryn and Steve Kinser racing hard for the lead lap after lap.  Steve got the best of us but both boys had their elbows up and Daryn drove a great race. I know he was disappointed not to pull out a win one night in Florida, but we did have a very fast race car each night and the new paint scheme looks great on the track!


On Sunday we also did a little sight seeing at the DeLeon Springs.  It was an underground cave that bubbles water to the top that is 72 degrees year round.  People were swimming and Taylor of course put her feet in which meant she also got her pants wet from splashing around, but it was a fun day.  We went on a boat ride and saw a ton of different birds and about 12 gators on our ride.  We also enjoyed breakfast (after a 3 hour wait) at the Old Spanish Mill pancake house which is right by the water.   You make your own pancakes and eggs at your table with a griddle in the middle.  Taylor liked making her own food and ate like a champ…2 blueberry pancakes,  1 piece of bacon, and 2 eggs!    It was fun day with family and friends.


After the race nights were over we decided to stay a couple of extra days to enjoy the weather and take Taylor to Disney.  She truly enjoyed her day at Disney…she met a lot of the princesses and rode most of the rides she was tall enough for.  It was really busy for a Tuesday, but I think Disney is busy everyday!


We then reluctantly headed home…a 15 hour trip!  We are now at home relaxing and getting back into the swing of things here.  Florida in February was really nice and I hope spring arrives here soon!  I got spoiled with the 70 degree days!




Chat Soon!