Mandy’s Monthly – September 2013

mandy_blogWow…I am a slacker!  I just realized it has been 3 months since I have blogged!

I will try to hit the highlights over the 3 last months!

July – Our KKR teammate Brad Sweet won the King’s Royal!  King Sweet sounds great!    The #9 boys also picked up a win at Lernerville and Rolling Wheels  our 7th and 8th wins of the season.

August – We raced Pevely the first week in August and then hustled to Knoxville for a weekly show to get a little track time in before the Nationals.   I think we left the track at 2AM in Pevely  and drove most of the morning.  Well, Daryn drove and I slept…then I finally woke up enough to ask if I could drive the remaining distance and he laughed and said we are 30 miles from Kville!  Oops!  Nationals were crazy and as busy as ever.  It seems like you count down for the week all year and then you blink and it’s over.  On our prelim night Daryn started last and finished 5th, on the World Challenge we started 8th and finished 3rd, and on the big night was started 9th and finished 14th.  We were caught up in a crash before halfway and rallied back to 14th.  The worst race of the week was the finale on Saturday night which is a bummer;  but I did enjoy our team dinner with Surepoint,  hanging  out at Dingus, and I even learned how to play flippy cup!  After Nationals the racing usually slows down to weekends only and we headed home after the ND races so that Taylor could start school.

September- September started off with “The West Coast Speedweek!”  9 races in 10 days! (although 1 was rained out)  I flew out to Washington on Saturday and forgot how beautiful that area is…good times.  Daryn and I even went to Seattle on our  one  day off and enjoyed the Space Needle and the markets.   It was nice to travel for speedweek and catch up with a few friends.  Our results were consistent 5th, 7th, 2nd, 5th, 3rd, 6th, 5th, and 13th!

For anyone that needs to know the Spencer, IA hospital is really nice and the doctors / nurses were great!  Taylor fell and cut her face and had to have 5 stitches right by her cheekbone.  She was a trooper and did not cry at ALL during the stitches….I about passed out but she did great!  She was back at the track before the heat races were over and told everyone that she brave and mom was not!

The WOO season is just about to wrap up with only 6 races remaining on the schedule and fall has arrived.  Fall to us signals the end of the race season and the beginning of a somewhat normal routine at home.  Taylor has begun Pre K and loves it!  It is also officially football season…yeah!  Go Colts!

The next few weeks of racing are sporadic so we will spend most of our time at home which is really nice!   Although, I am definitely looking forward to the National Open!  Please stop by the National Open Benefit on Saturday, Oct 5th by the pit gate 11am-3pm for food and an auction held to raise money for the WOO Benevolent Fund, YCRC, and The Steve King Foundation.  Thanks to all the fans for the support this year…we really appreciate it!

Chat Soon!