Mandy’s Monthly – June 2013

mandy_blogWell…if there was any question if summer is here the answer is YES.  We are driving today (14 hours) from Dodge City back home for a few days before we head out again.  In Dodge City it was 98 degrees and 40 mph wind!

Since the last monthly the racing has picked up and we have been traveling quite a bit.  After our May PA trip the boys won at New Egypt, NJ.  Daryn really enjoys that track as he won last year there in the #27 car.  After NJ we headed to Charlotte to get ready for KKR fan day.  It was a great turnout of fans and we really appreciate the support!

In Charlotte,  Daryn led some of the race but ended up 2nd.  We then headed back towards home for the Lawrenceburg, IN race where the boys finished 4th.   After Lawrenceburg the boys headed to Indy for a few days and then to Attica to watch it rain.  Although in the rainout we had dinner with friends and went bowling.  Taylor was excited to see Donnie and Sheri!

The next night was Lake Odessa, MI where we had a flat tire and finished  13th, which was a good recovery.    The next few days were not good one as we lost our dog Angel – she had congestive heart failure. She had been sick for awhile, but it is never easy to lose a pet.  Daryn gave her to me in Dec 1999 as a college graduation gift!  Rest in peace sweet girl!

On Wednesday we raced the closest race to home for us…Kokomo, IN.  The race did not disappoint…great small track that was super racy.  Daryn finished 5th.  Taylor really enjoyed the race as Davie & LaLa were there to take her to visit her “friends” in the pits.  She also enjoyed Cale coming to play and hang with her at the tshirt trailer.  They had a blast!

On Friday we began our traveling swing at Burlington, IA – Daryn crashed in the main running 4th it was our first DNF this season.  On Saturday the threat of rain lingered all day but we raced and finished 4th in the main.  Sunday we were scheduled to race I-80 but rain cancelled the race so we headed to the McCarl’s house for the week.  We parked in their driveway (I know really hill billy!) We relaxed all week went to the lake at Pella, IA one day,  the horse races another  and celebrated my bday.  It was definitely a different week as Taylor went home with Nana & Papa after Kansas City on Saturday.  It’s amazing that since we spend 24-7 with her how much you really miss her when she is not around, but I know she had a great time in Tulsa for a few days before they returned to Kville.  Jackson, MN was Friday night with a 2nd place finish.  At Knoxville on Saturday it rained most of the day, but they carried on and finished the race at a decent time even though hot laps were not until 9:30 due to the rain.  We started 12th and finished 5th.  After Kville we trucked home for the week to relax.  Taylor enjoyed her time at home playing outside and going to the waterpark in Danville one day.

Friday was Grand Forks, SD where Daryn ran 11th but thank you to all of the fans who bought Lefturn hats and stickers.  We sold out before the dash even started!

Saturday was Fergus Falls where Daryn ran 2nd.  We then headed to our friends in WI – The Hepfner’s.  We enjoyed a week of  boating, water skiing, tubing, surfing, the trampoline park, and even Monsters University!  It was fun times and very relaxing.

LaSalle was up next where Daryn would spin on the first lap and then crash later in the race.  I honestly thought we would be having a DNF but somehow the KKR boys rocked it in the work area.  They replaced the front axle, wings, and may other bolt on parts.  Daryn finished 14th.  It was great teamwork by the KKR boys to even get us back out to race.  Very impressive!

On Saturday we raced Beaver Dam….a race Daryn had been looking forward to since the schedule was released.  He really enjoys racing there.  It was a great race and Daryn finished 2nd.  After Beaver Dam we had a long drive to Cedar Lake, WI.  In the heat race Daryn had a big crash and the boys had to get the back up car down because the other race car was not repairable!  I went down to see if I could help in anyway and there were 13 guys helping out- all of the 9 boys, all of the 4 car guys and Cody, and all of the 51 guys and Paulie.  Thank you so much guys for helping!  Daryn had to start last in the b main, because we had a back up car, and ran 2nd.   He also started last in the A- main and ran 4th!  It was a great effort after having a rough start to the night!  I am so very proud of the KKR team!

After the race we got 3 miles down the road and a hose blew on the motorhome…after repairs we went to bed at 5:30am.

We then headed to the Mall of America on our way to Husets.  Daryn & Taylor went to the amusement park while mom shopped…..I say a definite win win!  Special thanks to Dave Lunstra for allowing us to work at his shop in SD.  Much appreciated!

Husets saw a record crowd and a really late night of racing!  Daryn finished 2nd!   Next up was a 2 day  show at Dodge City- this is a great facility!  We enjoy it because all of Daryn’s family and our friends come out.  Daryn ran 5th the first night and we got our 6th win of the year on Saturday night!

The win sure does make the LONG drive back home easier, but it is still a LONG drive!

We are headed to Limaland on Wed and the King’s Royal next weekend.  It’s the “Month of Money” and we are ready!

I apologize for this being so long…it has been our crazy month of travel for June and July will be close to the same!

Thanks for the support!

Chat Soon!