Mandy’s Monthly March

mandy_blogHappy Easter Everyone!

Although in most parts of the country “Easter” means the beginning of Spring…too bad in Indiana we still have snow on the ground!

March has come and gone entirely too fast!  We returned home at the end of February and then headed to Las Vegas for the next WOO races of the season.  Taylor and I did go along for this trip to Vegas . Taylor really enjoys staying in a “hotel” and enjoyed her time seeing all the sights and sounds of Vegas.  The races were bitterly cold each night and the team struggled a bit the first night but rebounded on Thursday for a solid finish.  It was nice to see that the boys all rallied around each other after the first night and each one was encouraging the other.   This IS the true meaning of being a TEAM and it is great to sit back and watch it all unfold! 

After Vegas we headed to Tucson with a pit stop at the Hoover Dam.  It was truly a sight to see that massive dam and to know it was built so many years ago.  Truly impressive!  Taylor thought the damn was a big slide! 

Tucson was again very unseasonable like conditions for Arizona…cold and damp.  I think it follows us wherever we go.  On race day the high temperature in Arizona was the same high temperature at home in Indy…not fair I came to escape the cold!  Tucson was a great night and team was once again standing in VICTORY LANE for the second win of the year!  Daryn said the car was perfect all night and the team was happy to leave the state of Arizona with the W!  Taylor was not in victory lane as her and Nana did not make it out to the races because it was so cold again.  I told Daryn I am going to make a “Flat Taylor” for the pictures in victory lane that she misses!  The next day I showed her a picture of victory lane and she says, “Good Job Daddy. You won a big big trophy!”

After Tucson we headed back to Indy and are finally back in somewhat of a routine of Taylor going to school 2 days a week and Daryn flying to the races on the weekend.  It stinks not being at the races on the weekends and I am on countdown for Paducah, but Dirtvision is so nice to be able to watch and listen.  It is a huge relief for all of us who are stuck at home.  Thanks!  I remember the days of I will call you with results after the races…..it is hard to believe I can listen/watch and get up to the minute results with twitter now days!

The California swing has been treating the boys well with 3 top 5’s.  I was especially proud of the results at Tulare as I know it is not one of Daryn’s favorite tracks….we will take top 5s anyday of the week!  The boys keep plugging away and are still the point leaders!  Yeah!!  Although we still have 85 or so races left, the boys continue to work hard together each night and are focusing on one night at time!

Taylor is now 4 years old!  Her birthday was March 19th and we celebrated at the bouncy house with friends and family.  She had a blast!  It is unbelievable to think that 4 years has gone by so fast. It seems like not too long ago she was just walking!  Time flies!

Daryn is headed to Merced this weekend, but hopefully he makes it back in time to celebrate Easter with us.   I hope each one of you has a “Happy Easter”

Thanks again for all the encouraging messages and emails!  Much appreciated!
Chat Soon!