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Specializing in Custom-Fitted,High Impact Safe Seats

DJS is introducing its new "Safe Seat". Our seats originate as a standard aluminum seat chosen from the manufacturer of your choice. The Safe Seat is made from energy absorbing, crushable foam very similar to ones used in open wheel Indy cars.

The energy absorbing foam is removable from the existing seat like shown in the photo. The seat is cut in two or three pieces for removing and cleaning after each event. The seat is very comfortable because of it's custom fit. And everyone knows, you go faster when you are comfortable.

The most important feature of the DJS Safe Seat is safety. The driver's body is making full contact with every part of the seat. The energy absorbing foam is crushable in the event of an impact. Results have consistently shown that a seat custom fitted to you and your existing seat; the displacement of energy in an accident is properly distributed over the driver's body. Because of this, our Safe Seat will decrease the risk of back and neck injuries.

For the serious racers who care about winning, our motto is: "Better safety and more comfort"

You can see the DJS Safe Seat used by Daryn Pittman in the Titan Racing #21AU sprinter at all events on the World of Outlaws circuit this season.

Year One Successful Even in Unfortunate Tests

DJS Safe Seat has been producing the Safe Seat for a little over a year, having produced seats that have proven their worth for World of Outlaws drivers Daryn Pittman, Randy Hannagan, and Danny Lasoski. We have also produced seats for Toni Kruck, midget driver and daughter of Titan Racing team-owner Reeve Kruck, that are being used in midget competition in Australia.

Unfortunately in the first year our seat was put to the test several times, each time resulting in the driver being able to walk away from the wreck under his or her own power. Danny Lasoski was the first to put the seat through a “huge” crash at Manzanita Speedway on opening night of the World of Outlaw season. The crash ripped the rear axle out of the car causing it to break a frame rail. Upon impact the rear end drove into the bottom of the seat leaving a huge dent. Lasoski went on television to proclaim that the DJS Safe Seat was responsible for him being able to walk away from that wreck under his own power. Toni Kruck put the seat through another unfortunate test in Australia when the midget she was piloting jumped the cushion and cart wheeled violently, resulting in a hard tail landing. The crash did an unsurpassable amount of damage to the midget but Toni was able to walk away under her own power. The DJS Safe Seat also helped Daryn Pittman walk away from an absolutely horrifying crash at Parramatta City Raceway in Australia where the safety crews needed to remove frame rails before Daryn could emerge from the car. All of these are signs to us that the Safe Seat is doing exactly what we set out to do; protect the drivers in unfortunate instances.

DJS Safe Seat would like to specially thank Daryn Pittman for his continued support both here in the United States as well as in Australia. Daryn was the first driver to use our product and continued using it for the entire 2004 World of Outlaw season. Daryn recently completed four new seats for use in his Titan Garages and Carports, Hop and Sack Convenience Stores, Maxim for the 2005 World of Outlaw season. Daryn has been a great spokesman for our product and we are proud he is continuing to use the DJS Safe Seat in every car he drives.